Charlotte Diener, SVP, Global Supply Chain Org,On Semiconductor

Narayan served in a consulting role from 2005 through 2008 for the Global Supply Chain at ON Semiconductor, which I managed. He was a key driver in the improvement of our demand management processes and systems. Additionally, he provided creative mathematical models to solve our most complex supply chain issues. I considered him to be the "research arm" of our group and many of ON's leading supply chain practices can be attributed to his analytical approach and creative vision. His capabilities are second-to-none. Narayan is personable and built great rapport with the ON staff assigned to his projects. Additionally, I found him to be extremely reliable and he became a trusted advisor to me. I highly recommend Narayan!”

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

Amar Singh, CEO, Amitive

“I hired Narayan to help Amitive develop some core IP around business process and develop some new algorithms to solve Supply Chain issues. With Narayan’s help and leadership, we have developed some unique IP and have even filed for some joint patents. Narayan is very intelligent, knowledgeable and a strategic thinker. The scope of work with Narayan has evolved over the last twelve months and he has become a critical member of our core team. I highly recommend Narayan for any work that involves solving complex business problems by capturing and interpreting large volume of data. If I could hire him as a full-time employee, I would in a heartbeat...”

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, Creative

Mark McCaffrey, President, OilTracers LLC

"On behalf of all of us at OilTracers LLC, I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the truly superb work you performed during the course of the last year while you worked on two OilTracers projects. During the course of both projects, I was particularly impressed with a variety of things, including:

  • Your creativity (in the most capacious sense of the word) that enabled you to find really innovative solutions to the problems we posed to you.
  • Your ability to visualize mathematical problems; this skill seems to enable you, more readily than most people, to assess the validity of assumptions inherent in the solutions our company was utilizing, and then to offer alternate approaches that are not encumbered by those same assumptions.
  • The detail with which you documented the results of your work.
  • The speed with which you completed both projects.
  • The easy-going nature with which you interacted with other project members. So often, people with high levels of technical expertise can be lacking in interpersonal skills, and it was such a relief to see that that was not the case working with you.

Going forward, I am particularly heartened by the knowledge that OilTracers LLC now has a dependable, highly creative resource to which we can turn when we need assistance with math-intensive simulations."

Ravi Vancheeswaran, On Semiconductor

Narayan has a rare ability to get to the heart of a business problem and chart out a blue-print for its resolution. Additionally, his ability to listen to clients, understand their problems and collaborate with the right resources to create business solutions has repeatedly added value to our organization. Besides being knowledgeable and resourceful, Narayan has a unique sense of humor.”

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Creative

Shayne Myhand, Sr. Manager, Global Supply Chain Planning, Dell:

“I had the opportunity to work with Narayan as he was helping Dell improve our tools in Demand/Supply Management. Narayan is a subject matter expert in his field and has a strong ability to articulate his vision, recommendations, and needs of our business. In my experience, Narayan is the best consultant to that I have ever worked with. He not only provided subject matter expertise, he worked hard to understand the details of our business, he was assertive and aggressive in his recommendations, and he worked across formal and informal channels to keep the project moving. Narayan is adept at building relationships across the organization and this enhances his ability to deliver results. I have tremendous confidence in Narayan and his abilities and will utilize him again if the opportunity presents itself.”

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Creative

Srinivasan Kumar , Director, Product Management, Amitive

Narayan's engagement with us has resulted in a new and powerful family of algorithms in our supply chain space, resulting in IP as well as a significant competitive advantage for us. I have found Narayan to be simultaneously cerebral and practical. This is an extremely unusual duo of skills, since the consultant demographic tends to polarize to ‘academics’ and ‘doers’. In addition, he is one of the most articulate people I have come across, being able to present complex ideas in simple terms. This is a virtual prerequisite when providing software specifications. I would strongly recommend him for any engagement where the problem would benefit from an intense scrutiny, or when it would be fruitful to bring strengths from varied domains, and where the objective is to obtain a practical, working application.”

Top qualities: Great Results , Expert , Creative

Kevin Jones, Manager, Supply Chain Enablement, Dell:

Narayan recently led a supply chain transformation effort here at Dell. He was brought into this task by the primary consultancy provider because he is well regarded for “knowing his stuff”. In working with Narayan over roughly nine months, I could not agree more. He had an amazing ability to quickly and impartially digest Dell’s challenges and provide concise, meaningful insight. I suspect from his raw intellect and deep supply chain knowledge, Narayan will provide rapid and tangible benefit to nearly any supply chain challenge.”