Technology Executive with nearly 20 years of professional experience in complex problem solving, applying deep quantitative skills and vast repertoire of business, technology, and management skills to highly challenging commercial issues that have hitherto not been addressed.

  • Designing new approaches to the management of multi-enterprise supply chains.
  • Bringing innovative applications of quantitative techniques to the optimization of tactical plans for elective procedures in European hospitals.
  • Led a team engaged in the transformation of the supply chain of a leading Computer Manufacturer.
  • Introduced new approaches to improving robustness in Supply Chain Management at a medium-sized American Semiconductor manufacturer.
  • Recognized as one of 2 i2 Fellows, the highest rung on the Technical Ladder at i2 for the ability to build and lead a small but highly talented group that successfully developed and deployed the “brains” of i2’s Master Planning solution.
  • Acknowledged as a Domain Expert in various industries including Semiconductor, Steel, Consumer Packaged Goods, Automotive, Oil & Gas, and Airlines.
  • Accepted as functional expert in application of Operations Research to wide range of problems in Supply Chain Management, Airline Flight & Crew Optimization, and Yield Management.
  • Managed globally dispersed work teams – Dallas, Bangalore, and Munich. International experience – working with clients in The Netherlands, Japan, UK, Australia, and Singapore.
  • Championed the Optimization “Black-belt”/Special Forces Team: In this role, I helped match i2’s varied and geographically-dispersed optimization talent with the needs for such talent as and when they arise in client engagements.