Care Dynamics, Co-founder

2006 -

Services Company with focus on Process & Technology Consulting for Hospital Management

  • Breaking new ground in the area of applying supply chain planning principles to the management of elective care in hospitals in the Netherlands through the introduction of the processes and tools for tactical planning.

Dot 3rd Eye, Founder

2005 -

Technology-driven Consulting Company with focus on Supply Chain Management

  • Led design of planning engine for coordination of plans across multiple enterprises on a global supply chain.
  • Provided thought-leadership to a Computer Manufacturer’s Supply Chain organization in order to make fundamental improvements in the area of Sales & Operational Planning.
  • Worked extensively with the Global Supply Chain organization of a Semiconductor Manufacturer.
  • Developed radically new ways for analysis of Oilfield data.

i2 Technologies, Fellow

1995 - 2005

Public Software Development and Services Company with focus in Supply Chain Management

Led development of the “brains” of i2’s Supply Chain Planner ensuring successful deployment of i2’s Master Planning solution at about 100 clients (including Semiconductor, Steel, Automotive, and Consumer Packaged Goods supply chains). The application of optimization to Supply Chain Management is believed to have generated several billion dollars worth of value for i2’s clients. Clients include:

  • 7 out of top 10 semiconductor manufacturers world-wide
  • 2 out of top 3 semiconductor foundries world-wide
  • Leading steel manufacturer in APAC and several leading steel manufacturers in the US
  • 2 out of top 4 automobile manufacturers world-wide
  • Leading manufacturer of snack foods in the US

In response to client needs for flexibility and speed:

  • Formulated a Broad Modeling Framework that encompasses the full range of representational needs of a wide variety of complex master planning problems
  • Developed a Hierarchical Optimization scheme that recognizes that business problems are characterized by conflicting, non-commensurate objectives
  • Drove several Algorithmic Advances in the solution of very large-scale hierarchical linear programs that led to dramatic improvements in performance

Architected and led development of Optimization Components of Refinery Planning & Scheduling. Formulated and implemented several novel approaches for the solution of technically challenging and commercially important problems.

American Airlines Decision Technologies, Sr. Consultant

1991 - 1995

Subsidiary of AMR Corp focused on development and deployment of Decision Support Systems for Optimization of Airline Operations

  • Led the design of Crew Pairing & Roster Optimization systems for international long-haul carriers, both scheduled and charter airlines via application of large-scale discrete optimization techniques to the problem of reducing crew-related costs of an airline.
  • After the cost of fuel, crew costs are the biggest direct cost of an airline. As such, they are single largest controllable element of direct cost of an airline
  • Drove significant breakthroughs in Flight Schedule Optimization via application of discrete optimization techniques to the problem of assigning aircraft to a schedule.
  • Optimal assignment of aircraft to a schedule is estimated to increase profitability of a moderate sized airline by $5-$15 million.
  • Made key contributions to novel approaches to Airline Yield management (or Revenue Management)

CMC Ltd., Sr. Sys. Engr

1985 - 1987

Public-sector Company dedicated to broad range of computer services including development and delivery of software

Designed, built and attempted to implement a Helicopter Scheduling System to reduce the cost of the offshore helicopter operations in the Bombay High oilfields of the Oil & Natural Gas Commission of India. Apart from being a technically challenging project, this was also an educational experience in all aspects of delivering a business solution.