Although Dot 3rd Eye began as a vehicle for Dr. Narayan Venkatasubramanyan’s one-man consulting practice, it has grown organically through a series of partnerships. These partnerships complement our domain knowledge and expertise, magnify our global reach, and provide us access to world-class talent at a highly competitive cost.

  • Care Dynamics is a striking example of a partnership between experts in the fields of medical informatics and supply chain management. This allowed us to extend our reach across continents and into the field of health care, an area that we believe can benefit greatly from the use of ideas that have worked successfully in other contexts.
  • Our partnership with PetroQuantum complements our expertise in supply chain management with a particular emphasis on the oil-and-gas sector. In addition, this partnership complements our offering with vast experience in re-engineering business processes. Besides, this partnership opens the possibility of expanding our geographical scope to Europe and Israel.
  • GirnarSoft is a dynamic development partner based in India. They provide us with world-class development talent at a highly competitive cost. This combination lowers the threshold for experimentation by allowing us to develop prototypes at a rapid pace and without a huge outlay.
  • vTradEx is based in China and is an expert in logistics. They have the potential to be both a development partner as well as a conduit for our innovation into China.