Narayan Venkatasubramanayan (President, Dot3rdEye) is the founder of Dot3rd eye. With an industry experience of over 15 years he is the expert at applying quantitative methods to decision making. His ability to apply complex problem solving skills, quantitative skills backed by vast repertoire of business, technology, and management skills, to highly challenging issues forms the core expertise of Dot3rdEye.His contributions have helped clients create a competitive product or service differentiators that have lead to higher customer acquisition, penetration and retention.

Backed with Narayan’s experience and Global partners Dot3rdEye offers:

  • Internal business consulting
  • Modeling Analysis :
    • Math modeling, simulation, decision support, data mining, optimization, revenue management, supply chain management, logistics
  • Develop analysis, methodologies, tools
  • Technical support, training


  • Any business unit, any function, any geographic area
  • Top clients, key suppliers
  • Assistance from strategy through execution


  • Partner with management to frame and prioritize the issues
  • Focus on business impact and implementation
  • Establish a disciplined, consultant’s approach through teamwork and collaboration
  • Build an objective, quantitative structure for analysis
  • Transfer technology to your department so you can take over the project