what we did


We were engaged as sub-contractors to lead a portion of this transformation program.

The two main pillars of the transformation program were Demand Management and Global Master Planning. The latter was comprised of three key pieces:

  • Global MRP
  • Supportability
  • Available to Sell

As the name suggests, Global MRP was designed to overhaul Dellís existing regional MRP and deploy a consistent set of tools and processes that not only accounted for outsourced manufacturers but also provided visibility further upstream for key components that fell within the purview of Dellís procurement arm.

Procurement lead times introduce inflexibility in supply because, at any given time, the actual supply reflects the estimate of demand from the past. The Supportability process answers the following critical question: Given the latest state of demand and supply, how can one best serve demand despite the mismatches between the two?

The Available to Sell question is a natural complement of the Supportability question: Given that mismatches exist between supply and demand, what is the best way to use the available supply?

As the thought leader for the GMP track, we were responsible for working with the customer to understand the requirements, guiding the design of the solutions, and acting as an evangelist who introduced the solution to Dellís teams in Austin, Malaysia, and Ireland. At the same time, we helped lead the GMP implementation team on the ground to focus their efforts and coordinate across the many teams that worked on related pieces of the overall solution.