Care Dynamics


The backstory of Care Dynamics is a striking example of how the breakdown in geographical boundaries leads to interdisciplinary approaches to solving real-world problems. Although it is registered in the Netherlands, it brings together four people from an amazingly diverse set of professions, nationalities, and expertise.

  • Ce Bergen is a leading practitioner of medical informatics in the Netherlands. For over two decades, he has worked in the health care field, redesigning organizations, re-engineering business processes, and generally raising the level of efficiency in Dutch hospitals.
  • Rafi Maman is a thought-leader in the fields of supply chain and logistics as well as in strategy development. He brings over two decades of experience in industry (with a particular focus on Oil & Gas).
  • Cobus van Wyk is versatile health care professional with skills that straddle the worlds of medicine and information technology.
  • Narayan is an innovator with proven track record in applying deep quantitative techniques to decision-making across diverse industries.

In 2005, this team of four, two medical doctors, and two supply chain professionals, brought their skills to Westfriesgasthuis, a hospital in Hoorn, a small town in the North Holland province of the Netherlands. This partnership led to the formation of Care Dynamics, a company based in the Netherlands but with aims to bring its technology to hospitals across the world.