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Care Dynamics

Westfriesgasthuis is a modern, mid-size hospital in the Netherlands, with a long history of high patient satisfaction level and a continuous drive for excellence. We successfully developed and deployed its unique patient-logistics methodology at the Westfriesgasthuis. The result intellectual property (including software as well as process and organizational consulting methodology) became the basis for the incorporation of Care Dynamics.

Care Dynamics implemented its Tactical Planning methodology at the hospital, initially focusing on the largest disciplines of Surgery and Orthopedics. In the process, Westfriesgasthuis instituted a new entity in its management structure, the Tactical Planning Executive-committee, and empowered it to coordinate and manage its patient logistics in the tactical horizon (up to 2 months). Westfriesgasthuis further deployed DynamicPlannerTM- Care Dynamics' advanced decision-support and optimization environment, to support the Committee's activities and help optimize the plan.

Care Dynamics takes particular pride in the results achieved by Westfriesgasthuis to-date - the highlight of which is a 10% reduction in the number of clinical beds across the facility. This is possible due to the hospital's new capability to plan patient logistics, and hence significantly reduce the variability in bed utilization, while optimizing simultaneously overall performance of the critical logistics segment in the operating complex and clinical beds.

More recently, in collaboration with Ernst & Young, Care Dynamics deployed this solution successfully at Ziekenhuisgroep Twente’s hospitals in Hengelo & Almelo in the Netherlands.

For more information please visit http://www.care-dynamics.net.