Company Overview

Dot 3rd Eye focuses on making a bottom-line impact through superior decision-making and execution. We do so by formulating, developing, and implementing innovative solutions to decision-making problems in a wide range of industries.

The challenges that we take on have the following characteristics:

  • Significant bottom-line potential
  • Technically complex and intellectually challenging
  • Rich source of reliable, current data

We focus on working closely with the customer to develop deep insights into the nature of the problem. We use those insights to deliver solutions that make a step change in the quality of decision-making.

In delivering these solutions, we draw upon:

  • Our experience building solutions that span domains ranging from airlines to supply chain management (across a host of industries) to health care
  • Our business partners who complement our domain knowledge and provide us a global reach
  • Our development partners who provide us access to world-class talent at a highly competitive cost